Graphic Design

The world of graphic design has changed a lot in the last couple of years.


Although we can still make changes and fix any problems with your artwork, we suggest you use online services such as Fiverr for more complex design work.

There are links to pre-designed templates below to help get started with design.



Graphic Design Services!Contact us for artwork help

Our goal at Positive Printers is to make the process of ordering printing and other marketing products as efficient as possible. With new services such as Fiverr having so many talented graphic designers specializing in specific niches, it is no longer practical for us to offer in-house design services.

We can, however, make any needed changes or updates to your artwork after the initial design is finalized.

Below are some of our favorites for getting started with artwork design. 

Please note: Adobe InDesign is the preferred software, but Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop work fine as well.

Adobe Templates

Our favorite source, for design templates.

Search for the product you are looking for. (Brochure, Poster, Sign, etc)

Creative Market

Another great source for artwork.

Adobe Stock

Photos  •  Illustrations  •  Vectors

  Our favorite source for Stock Photos and Artwork.

Once you get the artwork designed please upload the PDF (with bleed if required)
by clicking Send Files in the upper right, Or upload file(s) when placing an order on the products order form. 

There are template guidelines that can be downloaded for each product 


If you would rather us do your design, the best place to start would be finding a template and any images you want to include from the sites above.

Then add either the templates and images themselves, or links to them, as well as any logos etc you would like to include in the form below.

Positive Printers to create design form

Fill in this form if you need us to handle the design.

(Note: It may take longer and cost more depending on the project than using one of our partners)

Please add links to these images and upload any logos, etc. you would like to include.